Two more popular types of hearing aids in Australia

We are blessed with various kinds of organ like nose, mouth, ear, legs, hands and various other important parts which help us to do various stuff. However, all of them are not having all of the above given abilities. There are people who can’t speak or someone who doesn’t hear. But, modern technology makes it possible with the various kinds of Phonak hearing aids. In this post, I have given most popular types of hearing devices that can be used to manage hearing loss.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids

These kinds of hearing aids are worn behind the ear and are attached to a mould that sits inside the ear. They are discreet and easy to clean and maintain.

Receiver in the ear hearing aids:

Receiver in-the-ear aids shortly know as RTE are often smaller than BTE aids because some part of these device sits inside the ear. The user can put in than an ear mould if you find fiddly tasks awkward.

Apart from that there are many people who are also using soundlens by starkey which are becoming famous in all over the Australia.

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