What are the early signs of hearing loss?

Hearing loss is often associated with aging. However, the loss of hearing can be experienced at any stage of life. It may begin as early as a baby being in the birth canal. Many people constantly exposed to loud music such as audio engineers, DJs, etc start showing signs of hearing loss much before old age. If detected, there are many hearing aid types that can help them. But the key is to detect the signs early. Look out for the following signs to arrest hearing loss at its roots.

  • You will find people beginning to face hearing loss will speak louder than others. They might also exhibit dominance in most conversations as it requires them lesser to answer other other’s question which involves hearing.
  • One of the basic signs of hearing loss can be seen when one cannot have telephonic conversations as easily as they cannot hear through the phone.
  • If you find someone constantly asking to turn up the volume of the television or radio while others find the current volume normal, it means the person is having trouble hear at normal decibels.

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Why do you need musicians ear plugs?

Whether we talk about musicians, sound engineers, programmers or DJs, they are all exposed to extremely high levels of noise at work. Unfortunately our ears are designed to bear only a certain decibel of sound without causing any damage to the ear drums. Beyond this decibel level, several conditions may develop; tinnitus being one of the most common ones. Studies suggest that even attending a three hour concert can do fairly permanent damage to your ears. So unless you take precautions at the right time, hearing aids is your only choice.

However, ear plugs can be of great relief for people who have high exposure to sound for longer hours during a day. But normal ear plugs can also block major levels or noise and distort the sound signatures; thus redundant for musicians or audio engineers. For those, there are specific musicians ear plugs that which lowers the volumes keeping all the sound signatures intact.

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