How Lyric Hearing Aid Fitting is Different?

Hearing loss problems can be of real concern as it may affect the professional and personal lives of people. So consulting an audiologist at the earliest should be the right decision. Clinic offering advanced audiology services and consulting are on a rise. So all you have to do is select a reputed audiologist who can treat your hearing difficulties and problems. You could look here to know more about the services offered by hearing specialist.

In some cases, fitting hearing aids may help the people to hear better thereby solving the difficulties. A hearing specialist will carry out some tests to assess your problems. Choosing right device to meet your hearing needs depends on several factors. What are the main types of hearing aids?

1. Invisible in the canal (IIC): This small near-invisible hearing aids offer remarkable performance and cosmetic advantages. Placed one to two millimetres inside the aperture of the ear canal, IIC fittings can improve the hearing experience.

2. In the Ear (ITE): Used for mild to severe hearing loss problems, these hearing aids are placed inside the outer ear.

3. Behind the Ear (BTE): This larger style of hearing aid with electrical components located outside the ear is often preferred for children.

4. Extended wear hearing device: Inserted into ear without any surgical procedures, this hearing aid can be worn 24 /7 for one to three months without removal. Lyric hearing aid fitting is a perfect example for this type. Victorian hearing clinic specialises in offering lyric hearing aids that ensure complete invisibility and comfort.

While choosing the hearing device, consider your budget, lifestyle and the complexity of your hearing loss. That is why it is highly recommended to seek advice from a hearing specialist or audiologist.

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