Tinnitus Treatment: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Tinnitus is a problem related to ear where the patient hears a continuous ringing or buzzing sound. Different hearing tests confirm that this hearing problem is not a condition in itself, but could be a symptom of some underlying health issue. Age related hearing loss, ear injury or circulatory system disorder could be few health problems that could have tinnitus as symptom.

Tinnitus is not something to worry about as it does not create any other problem, but can worsen with age. Conditions can be improved with Tinnitus treatment. Treatments work on reducing or masking the sound so that the problem becomes less noticeable.

Tinnitus is believed to be caused because of many reasons, few of them include

  • Age related hearing loss: As people age, they may face hearing loss which could cause tinnitus. This hearing loss is known as presbycusis.
  • Exposure to loud noise: When people are exposed to loud noises like sounds from various machines, firearms, could aid in noise related hearing loss. Portable music devices can also cause noise related hearing loss if played loudly for long periods.
  • Earwax blockage: Earwax generally protects ears from dirt and by slowing the growth of bacteria. If too much of ear wax gets accumulated, it becomes too hard to wash away naturally that could cause hearing loss that may lead to tinnitus.
  • Ear bone changes: If bones in the middle ear are stiffened, it may lead to tinnitus. In many cases this could be hereditary.

So it is better to avoid loud noises to be safe from hearing problems.


Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a medical term that refers to perception of sound in one or both the ears when there is no sound actually present in the surroundings. While there is no known tinnitus treatment, but understanding the symptoms, causes and related illness can help ease and manage the condition well.

It is better to go for audiology services as soon as you feel discomfort or pain in your ear or hearing loss. The doctor would check your ear properly and do the following procedures after he is sure that you have tinnitus problems.

If your audiologist feels your tinnitus problem is related to an underlying health condition, then the steps he would take include

  • Earwax removal: Removing earwax that has accumulated in the ear can reduce earwax symptoms.
  • Blood vessel treatment: Underlying vascular conditions may require medication or surgery that could help with tinnitus.
  • Change in medicines: In few cases tinnitus could be a side effect of medications you are taking. Your doctor would then recommend stopping the drug or switching to a different medication.

In cases when these strategies are not helpful, the ear specialist would introduce few devices that would make the ringing sound less bothersome. Some of the devices include

  • White noise machines: These devices make sounds like rains, ocean waves are often effective treatment for tinnitus.
  • Hearing aids: Such device can be helpful if you have hearing problems as well as tinnitus.
  • Retraining: A wearable device that delivers individually programmed tonal music that masks specific frequencies of tinnitus. Counselling is often a component of tinnitus retraining.

Experts suggest that it is better to consult a specialist if you face even a small problem with your ear.

Basic Facts About On Choosing Best Sleep Ear Plugs

Sleep is essential for everyone. It is often disturbed by sounds that can wake you up and leave you sleepless throughout night. If your sleep is disturbed you could face health issues in long run. Doctors suggest that it is better to adopt few techniques to catch up good sleep. They also suggest going for hearing test to rule out any underlying health conditions.

One of the common methods adopted by people to get good sleep is use of sleep ear plugs. Experts say that it is important to select the correct ear plug as it plays an important role. It is important to note the there are many sizes of ear plug, and while choosing the ear plug care should be taken the correct size that fits your ear should be taken. Ear canals differ from person to person, so is an ear plug suits one person, it is not must that it would sit another person the same way.

Many companies are offering a variety of hearing protection size and styles to suit different needs of people with no extra cost. These companies believe that offering a range of ear plug selection will provide a better fit for more ears and protect significantly more users.

Fit testing of hearing protection allows customers to try various hearing protectors to determine which is most suitable. The three critical considerations while optimizing the fit of an ear plug are size, shape and ease of insertion.

So while choosing an ear plug, you need to try more than one option and chose that is best in regards of shape, size and ease of insertion.

Enjoy Your Sleep Using Branded Sleep Ear Plugs

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Working Of Nano Hearing Aid, The Lyric

Lyric is the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid that can be worn for extended durations. This Nano hearing aid is placed in the ear canal by a well trained professional that can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This hearing aid that uses ear anatomy to provide natural sound quality, is placed completely inside ear canal.

Working of Lyric

A various range of hearing tests have confirmed that this nano device can be worn for months continuously mainly because of its unique make and function. This device is placed inside ear during a routine office visit. The patient does not need an anesthesia or surgery for placing it in the ear. Once Lyric is placed correctly by the professional, it can be worn continuously for months at a time. The device which uses ear’s anatomy preserves natural resonance because of less mass in the way.

Once the aid is placed in the canal, it funnels sound to the ear drum. The unique design and placement helps reduce background noise and provides exceptional natural sound quality.

This customizable device is programmed according to patient’s specific needs. The volume of the device can be adjusted by the user as needed. A soft material is used to make exterior of lyric to contour to the ear canal. After the initial period, most patients forget about lyric present in their ear.

Though there are many benefits of Lyric, but it is not suitable for all patients. It is advisable to consult a good specialist before using this hearing aid.

Sleep Better In Noise Free Environment Subbing Sleep Ear Plugs

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